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Go to your account. Welcome back. Your lowest price was Update your previous quote. How is insuring a holiday home different from insuring my permanent home? Frequently asked questions. What do I need to think about when buying holiday home insurance? What if I rent out my holiday home?

Holiday Home Insurance

Holiday home insurance is very similar to standard home policies. It will cover structural damage to the building and issues such as a leaking roof.

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However, normal home policies often state the building cannot be empty for longer than 30 days and that the policy holder must be living at the property. That is why separate holiday home policies exist. For example, if no one rents or visits a house in January and February, water in the pipes may freeze and cause a pipe to crack. When it melts the water will leak and potentially damage floors, carpets and appliances until someone turns up to stop it. Empty homes are also more likely to be burgled. Insurers also see tenants as a greater risk. If people staying in a let holiday home damage it or injure themselves, insurers may have to pay out.

Although contents insurance is not required by mortgage providers it can protect your possessions, including items outside the house such as garden furniture, which often costs a lot.

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It can be cheaper to buy a joint home and contents policy from one provider. There are other insurance features worth considering. Some are unique to holiday home policies and others may be beneficial to people with second homes. When comparing insurers think about whether these features could be useful, but bear in mind they may cost more.

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Accidental damage - Check if it includes tenants because some holiday home policies may only include accidental damage caused by the policyholder. Home emergency cover — This feature means the insurer will organise and pay for engineers to fix certain issues, such as leaking pipes. It can be cheaper and more convenient than calling a plumber or electrician. Alternative accommodation — Many home policies include this, it pays for a hotel if you cannot stay in your home for a number of reasons. However, check if your holiday home insurance includes alternative accommodation for tenants.

Loss of rent or income — Many landlord home insurance policies will pay out for an unexpected loss of rental income. Some holiday home policies also include this clause. Insurance quotes for holiday homes vary depending on factors such as the size and construction materials of the home, its postcode, how old it is and whether you have made a claim in the past. We got a test quote from HomeProtect for a 2 bed, semi-detached house on the Norfolk coast. We said it had no previous claims, there was nothing wrong with the house and it was expected to be empty for 46 to 60 days a year.

It enables you to safeguard yourself from potential legal hassles and compensation claims when renting out your holiday let. For example, if a holidaymaker or even a friend slips in your holiday rental and falls, they can take you to court and sue - leaving you to face an expensive legal battle and the prospect of compensating for injury and loss of earnings. Liability insurance will indemnify you against your legal liability to pay damages and legal costs. Public liability insurance should also cover you, or your guests, if someone else's property is damaged e.

If you employ staff to assist with the running of your holiday let, employers' liability insurance is a legal requirement.

This covers claims for death or injury to anyone you employ at your property, such as a cleaner or caretaker. Your holiday let will have an array of furniture, furnishings, and equipment that is likely, by the law of averages, to get damaged by visiting guests.

Even if you take a security deposit it's likely that you won't deduct from it as most damage will be accidental, not deliberate, or disputed. Also, who is liable when the cost exceeds the security deposit taken? You'll need to rely on your insurance. A comprehensive holiday letting policy should have the option to cover accidental damage and malicious damage to your contents.

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For example, damaged appliances, spillages and broken furniture. This cover takes the worry out of letting strangers into your holiday rental who might not be as careful as you. Unfortunately, holiday rental break-ins are common. Holidaymakers and owners offer prime pickings for thieves — after arriving with cash, gadgets, and valuables. Unoccupied holiday rentals are also easily identified, targeted and stripped of valuables. What would happen should the unforeseen happen during the holiday letting season which results in your property being uninhabitable, a flood or fire for example?

If the worst happens you'll need to have your insurance fix things as soon as possible. How comprehensive is your insurance when your holiday let is unoccupied, especially in winter when burst pipes can go unnoticed for weeks. When comparing insurance pay attention to the cover - not just the price. More than half of Britons fail to read their insurance policy terms and conditions - the devil is in the detail. Be sure to do your research and scrutinise the policy for any shortfall in cover or exclusions that leave you uninsured should the unexpected happen.

A comprehensive holiday let insurance policy from Schofields is designed for holiday rental owners who commercially let their holiday property in the UK or abroad.

Holiday Home Insurance

The insurance offers extensive protection to safeguard against common risks when holiday letting. A conventional home insurance policy will not cover you for the unique risks injury to 3rd parties, damage when renting out your holiday home to holidaymakers. Also, leaving your holiday let empty for long periods between rentals makes it more at risk from thieves and susceptible to damage. Therefore, a normal home insurance policy generally won't be valid if the property is being rented out, even if you're only renting to family members.

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Holiday let landlord building insurance is not compulsory, but if you have a mortgage on your holiday property it's very likely that your lender will require you to have buildings insurance. Also, it is essential that you obtain permission from your mortgage lender if letting your home to holidaymakers. If you employ people at your holiday let, it is a legal requirement to have employers' liability insurance.

It's usually an integral part of a holiday letting policy. Ok, so you want to know what's the average cost of holiday let insurance?